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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

WE shall relentlessly strive for the position of a pathfinder of improved designs and cutting-edge quality, till we become the global leader in our chosen field. We shall continue to be the first in identifying and addressing customers' needs and exceed expectations.

Our Mission

WE shall stay determined in our pursuit towards newer innovations and mission-critical solutions. In order to do so, we shall keep on adapting ourselves with the technological improvements to be the first and foremost in meeting the buyers’

Meenu Creations is a people company with highly motivated in technical staff. As a conscientious corporate, we constantly initiate to help our people attain the utmost of their professional and personal levels. The regular workshops, seminars and learning session by leading industry professionals are just a few efforts to realigning the skills of our people in the current global scenario.

Together, we can

MR. Anil Peshawari is the Managing Director of Meenu creation . He hails as a qualified Chartered Accountant. He has the vision and he has the dynamic leadership quality to be the chief promoter of the organization. He possesses a wide expertise in garment manufacturing with vast knowledge of Fabrics, Embellishments and Printing.

His vision inspires each department to generate Innovative, Commercial and Quality Products. The samples designed at Meenu Creation are very well accepted with the global buyers. His vast expertise and convincing powers in the industry has led him to be an export magnet in India.