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WE are pleased to introduce as one of the reputed Garment manufacture and exporters based in Noida, India. Our garment division is serving around the globe since 1998. This division is fully experienced and equipped to produce Woven and knitted garments to cater to all age groups. We expertise in handling Embellishment jobs. special Fabrics and Printing work in addition to basis fashion garments.
We have six well equippied factories with in 2 km proxmity of each other in the city of Noida. National Capital Region withar a total built up area of 36.000 Sq. Mtrs.

Today we are proud to be associated with global brands of this industry on the basis of our innovative and quality products backed with timely deliveries, resulting in a turnover of approx. 37 Million US $ for the year ended on 31st March 2016 and we are expected to grow by at least 15% this year.
All our factories are approved and pass all necessary compliance standards for each of our existing buyers and we stick to the social, environmental and technical compliance for the betterment of our employees as well as environment. 

Our hi-tech machinery base has the capacity of producing approx. 8 million garments per annum, with the work force of about 3300 workers with 2000 machine.
We deliver Basic styles in 45-60 days, Embellished in 70-90 days, Yarn Oyed in 60-70 days, Embellished knits styles in 90-100 days (in case o mélange) and Washed products in 90 days.

Following the world best practices, Meenu Creations earned an in-depth understanding of the European market, and buyers’ requirement in terms of designing and quality parameters. Working closely with the customers to become an extended team player, being proactive in approach and achieving the shortest deadline are the virtues that built Meenu Creations into a rock solid player.

Customers’ Delight, first
At Meenu Creations, we have been following a single-point agenda to set new standards in fashion, and customers’ delight has been following us. Investing substantially in the creation of better designer attires, we have achieved some of the most mission-critical benchmarks.